About Us

The face behind Amekya

I am Tanya Sparey, the crazy Rainbow that is Amekya Creations and the founder of the Amekya Creative Community- Tanya’s Happy Creators on Facebook. 

I am a wife and a mum to my beautiful daughter Chiana. I am a multi-potentialite, which in simple terms means I cannot choose. And that’s ok. What this means for you my followers and customers is I will always have surprising new treats in store and inspiration to share.  Above my family and close friends which always comes first; I am a creator of all kinds of things.  The only thing I don’t do is anything involving a needle or pattern. I can turn up a pair of trousers as I’m only 5ft. I can sew but don’t enjoy it, so I’ll leave that up to the other wonderful crafters.

I am currently studying Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy. Check out my blog to see what its all about. http://amekyacreations.co.uk/creative-therapy-mindfulness-coach/

I am a keen caver or potholer. Yes, ladies and gents, I go down small dark holes for fun. It is a full body workout and a sociable hobby. In the past I have also been a Saxophone player, a Jive dancer and a Classic Mini Owner (yes that is a very time consuming hobby).

Unsurprisingly I am a collector of all things Rainbow. So if you sell Rainbow anything then let me know! (especially hand made clothing).