All about my business- November 2021

All about my business

I am the crazy rainbow lady that is Amekya Creations and the founder of the Amekya Creative Community-Tanya’s happy crafters. I originally founded Amekya Creations back in 2012 making jewellery. It was a means to sell creation I had made from a place of healing my mental health after losing my dad to cancer. Back then I was doing lots of markets and trying to succeed, but I didn’t have the support of Shop handmade or any of the amazing support I have now. Without this support I just didn’t know how to sell, so the business fizzled out.

Fast forward to lockdown 2019 and I put a post in my facebook book club offering hand painted bookmarks for free as I was bored. I got over 200 responses so decided to run competitions. 3 consecutive competitions, and £145 made for charity from donations and I was encouraged to start selling. All the people that didn’t win, really wanted to buy them. So Amekya Creations was re-incarnated. 

What’s new & the future

In the future I am hoping to study art therapy, with a massive goal of running a craft and wellness glamping retreat. These are both a ways of at the moment. In the new year I’m planning to run crafty cuppa catch ups online, perhaps do some in person workshops and there will always be new products as my ideas come to fruition.

I have a big FLASH sale of all my jewellery happening on this coming Tuesday and would love for you to join me. Its an everything must go kind of deal, to make space for all my new ideas. The group can be found at

Who am I and what do I do?

I am a multi-potentialite, which basically means I refuse to choose. So I make just about everything. My favourite product is robably my book page holders which are available hand carved and personalised in wood, or in a myriad of colours in resin. I am a bookbinder, artist of all media, woodworker and general crafter. The only things I don’t tend to do are pursuits that involve needle and thread. So I leave the sewing and knitting to others.


My inspiration comes from everywhere, I will never have the time to make all the ideas running through my head. But Pinterest is my go to for any ideas I need. I often will identify a issue people have, like keeping the ginger nuts sperate from the other biscuits; or a bookmark that doesn’t fall out of your book in your bag. This are ideas in progress.

My latest creation are some paint poured acrylic coasters. I’m waiting for them to dry as we speak and rustling up the pennies for the heat proof resin. I am also turning my hand to marbling, which will be a great addition to my bookbinding.

Given my business is very much a product of lockdown, nothing much has changed. It is very much an online venture. As we re-enter the world, I am looking to do more physical markets. 

Final gem of wisdom

My final gem of wisdom would be, if you are inspired to be creative then just pick something and do it. There is no need to fear anything in creativity, no one has to see your work unless you want them too.

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