April 2021

Here at Amekya HQ we go into April with a sense of hope. I have many ideas in the pipline. For those of you who have been following my story, that’s nothing new. My mind is whizzing with ideas, from multi compartment biscuit barrels to in person craft and wellness workshops. These are just seeds at the moment.

Currently you can see my research and development work all over social media. I am jumping on the band wagon to make a resin river table with a gorgeous piece of Osage wood from central America. My resin has arrived, and I have been practicing with colours by making drawer knobs. And who knows, once I have ironed out the learning curve I may be taking commission orders before too long.

You will also see that I have been launching exclusive Amekya Merchandise designs. Check out my products page and shop for what is available, 

The end of March also saw the release of “Crafting in a Crisis- The Lockdown Edition” by Chrissie Lowry. A book of stories from really inspirational crafters and so much more. Check out my products page for the link to buy it on Amazon.

So that’s it from me, wishing you all have a wonderful spring and Boris allows us to get back to some semblance of normality before the month is out.

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