September 2021

What’s new at Amekya HQ

September is a challenging time for so many of us. So, what’s new at Amekya HQ? The biggest change in our house is my gorgeous girl Chiana has started school. So, it’s all change. New routines, new work, life and business balance and best of all, more time to bring you some exciting updates.

What's new at Amekya HQ- Chiana starts big school!
Chiana’s first day at school

Yes, Chiana has started school. At this moment in time she is in the middle of her second full day. Including after school club. She is really enjoying it, she loves her new teacher and is having fun. But, what does this mean for Amekya Creations? Well, it means that I have some more time to bring you new products, and develop some free inspiration and guides for you to enjoy.

I am settling into a shorter working week in the temporary day job, with plans to drop to 2 days a week in October. I am now dropping Chiana at school at 8:30am so I am getting a forced head start on the day. Many of you know I am not a morning person.

Don’t mention the ‘C’ word

No, I don’t mean Covid. Ok, so that one isn’t just going to disappear but we are slowly finding ways to live while maintaining necessary caution. I mean…. Christmas!! There I said it. For many creatives, September is the start of the Golden Quarter. It’s a time when we get all our ducks in a row. In my case it’s more like Squirrels, and they are everywhere! I am however managing to restrain a few and get some things done. I have attended one craft fair so far this year and will be heading to Stroud and Devizes in November. So if you are local or in the area, keep your eyes peeled for updates and come and say hello.

What's new at Amekya HQ- markets
Your crazy Rainbow at Devizes Market

I have some new items and your old favourites made up and ready to post, with more in the pipeline. I will also be taking commission’s for many items that you know me for right up until the end of November (and possibly beyond, depending on demand) for guaranteed delivery by Christmas. So if you like what you see but its just not the right colour, or if you want something completely different (so long as its not sewing) then drop me a message and we can see how we can work together to make your idea a reality. With the added bonus that you have that tricky to buy for person in your life covered.

Sneak peak at what’s new

What’s new at Amekya HQ in products?

We have Dragon’s! Yes, you heard me clearly. I’ve been playing with my polymer clay. I’m the mum who gets to play with the kids crayons, only difference is I have my own. Play dough is so yuck, but bake me up some polymer clay and I’m like a toddler. I made dragons a number of years ago, and they were really popular. so, what better way to re-ignite some passion in the new and improved business, than to bring them back. New and better than ever before. Quirky, with rainbows and even a nod to your hobbies thrown in. I have made a reading dragon, a painting dragon and have plans for a cake baking dragon and many more.

I have also been experimenting with resin, giving my novel and practical book page holders a new lease of life. Bright colours and sparkles will feature prominately with these. And, what better to accompany this perfect book lover gift than a hand painted and fully customisable book mark.

Additionally, for Christmas only (there’s that ‘C’ word again, sorry) I will be bringing back my acrylic pour painted glass baubles to brighten up your tree.

Don’t panic, the hand bound journals/sketch books aren’t going anywhere either. I have some gorgeous covers to go perfectly with lined or plain contents. Did you know that for my plain books I start with A0 sheets of paper! Yes, that’s right. I cut them down to ensure that they work perfectly for any size or shape book. So this really are fully customisable, big, small and literally any shape. (Although complicated shapes may take me a while, so lets not go for a Do-decahedron people!)

And Finally…

I wanted to wish every one of you little ones and you the parents, the best of luck for the new school year. Whether they are starting at reception, big, Big School, College, University or just the next year up. Stay strong everyone, we will all soon find our new rhythm.

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